Apps That Help You to Decide the Paint Color for Your House

There are so many things to be considered and done when you are planning to renovate your house or constructing a new one. One the important thing is to decide the color for the walls of the house. But, it is quite cumbersome as, at present, it is done by applying tiny patches of diverse shades and then judge which color would suit the walls. Nowadays, it can be done in an easy way with the several apps that can help you to select the best shade for the walls of your house.

Apps That Help You to Decide the Paint Color for Your House

Let us tell you about few of such apps.

Dulux India

The Dulux Visualizer app utilizes the camera of your smartphone to detect the contour changes, surfaces, and edges in a room. When the camera is pointed toward a wall, it will show you how the room may look after it is painted.

Colour Scheme Pro by Asian Paints

Through this app, the user can actually check the complete array of colors from the Asian Paints and also select distinct colors to know how they may look on a palette. The app also enables the users to take a picture and search for the closest available paint shade. It will actually fun to select colors with this app.

Nerolac Color

This is an app where you will find everything you may require for painting your house. The app makes it possible for the user to select from a number of colors, choose a region on the wall, and then practically apply them on the region to know how they would look like. Apart from this, the user can also find the nearby stores from where you can purchase the required products. The user can also call for professional assistance straight from the app.


ColorSnap makes the world your palette. Just pointing it to any item with the use of the in-app camera, it will notify you about the closest matching paint color available.

So, now you know where to seek help when you are planning to color the walls of your home. Do try some of them?

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