Isro’s Solar Calculator Help Compute Solar Energy

ISRO plans to join the group of industries trying to add a silver lining to the dark cloud of energy depletion. The company has launched a Solar Calculator application in order to perfectly calculate the boon of solar panel installation anywhere in the country.

Isro’s Solar Calculator Help Compute Solar Energy

The solar device helps calculate the solar energy potential of an area before selecting the location for a solar photovoltaic thermal power plant setup. This technological advancement is the creation of ISRO’s Space Application Center facility located in Ahmedabad. The Solar Calculators can help the public in a number of locations to start the utilization of solar panels for the betterment of not only the nation but also the Earth.

Solar Calculators help locate as well as select the appropriate solar energy-abundant location with the help of the drop-down list provided. At the click of a location we have a map or navigation displayed using the geographical coordinates. The calculator presents the solar energy potential in terms of kWh/m2 or mJ/m2. The GPS provides the location details needed for the application. The satellites majorly providing the location’s solar potential data include the Insat-3D, Kalpana-1, and the Insat-3DR.

For getting information processed through the Solar Calculator there is a need of network or internet connection. Once a network is acquired the information are provided in a table or visualization format over the years. Even if there are any obstructions in the way of sunlight then the calculator creates a digitally evaluated model as well suggests the best option for setting up the solar panel at the right angle for better efficiency. The reports are obtained in a PDF format comprising the details in a table, map, or graph view which can be shared and exported. For instance, in a map view along with the location map calculation of the solar energy potential is also provided.

Solar Calculator application is currently available for the web and Android smartphones. However, the app is still not available on Google Play Store but can be downloaded via “”. It is something similar to that of Project Sunroof of Google. Looking at the popularity of Project Sunroof app, the Solar Calculator will also prove to be a milestone in the solar panel market.

So friends, let’s go the green energy way to help save our Mother Earth.

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