Youtube Mobile Live Streaming Feature Limit Lowered To 1,000 Subscribers

Back in February, YouTube introduced a new feature. It made its feature mobile live streaming accessible to its users by introducing it out to channels containing more than 10,000 subscribers. Currently, YouTube has lowered that limit and kept it as low as 1,000 subscribers.

As per the popular website Search Engine Journal, the attribute was introduced out since a couple of days ago and was lately marked on Help page of YouTube.

Youtube Mobile Live Streaming Feature Limit Lowered To 1,000 Subscribers

Beneath the ‘Requirements for YouTube Live’ column, the firm says that “confirm that your channel is verified and that you have no live stream restrictions in the last 90 days. Note: For YouTube live on mobile, your channels must have over 1,000 subscribers.”

The note is valid for both iOS and Android users.

To start a live stream, consumers require to click the camera button, give required authentications to the app and click on the GO LIVE choice. The videos can be found or searched through playlists or recommendations and sheltered from unlawful use, similar to other videos that are recorded.

On an associated note, earlier this month the company rolled out the beta version of its new app, the YouTube Go all over the country. The YouTube Go app is similar in temperament with Android versions of 4.1 KitKat and above. It is said to be particularly made for the Indian users knowing their needs.

The app permits the consumers to save videos even in that regions where the Internet connectivity has poor signal and gives the best qualities of the videos. The YouTube Go app provides the users with control over how much data can be utilized during the streaming of the videos. They can also have a glance at the videos first prior to downloading them for viewing them offline in the app later.

The YouTube Go app has been developed using the offline-first technology and can operate even when there is no connectivity or poor signal of the internet.

Well, for now people all over the world have their eyes on the reduction of the limit for live streaming to 1,000 subscribes from 10,000 subscribes.

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