Do not disturb: UBC creates a signaling desk for avoiding disturbance from colleagues

In today’s generation, people are working 24×7 for leading a happy and prosperous life. People are so much engrossed into their work that they hardly have time for themselves or others. And in case of the workaholic set of people, they do not like being disturbed during their work hours. Hence, the researchers from the University of British Columbia have created a desk light which switches from green to red or the other way around signifying that “Do Not Disturb” depending on the workload.

Do not disturb: UBC creates a signaling desk for avoiding disturbance from colleagues

According to the researchers, the concept of desk light that is called the “FlowLight.” The concept came into existence only after they saw the various engineers in the firms not liking to be distracted during their coding or working hours. The light-based display technology is like your status on the social networking sites such as busy or available. The FlowLight has been designed in such a way that it remains red during the maximum time of the day no matter how hard one works. The color change option has been embedded into the device in order to eliminate the feel of guilt of unachievability from the people regarding 100% quality work or competitiveness among each other.

The light shifts from green to red or red to green depending on the mouse and keyboard activity. If this task ever had to be done manually then the employers would have never remembered to switch it on or off after getting engrossed in their work. One of the major reasons for the mistakes created in the work or coding programs is mainly due to the constant interruption, which has to be drastically reduced for a better work quality.

When the new invention was tested on around 400–500 office employees the results obtained were mindblowing. According to them, people learned to respect time and work of others. It is the technology that is going to help companies keep up the standards in the near future by maintaining a healthy and work-friendly environment.

Hence, it is time to get this technology installed in all the small and large firms for the maintenance of the company’s growth and work ethics.

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