Global Commercial Service industry 2017 – 2022: Shenzhen Seg Co, Hna-Caissa Travel Group, Guangdong Highsun Group, DMG Entertainment and Media Co

Global Commercial Service industry 2017 - 2022As per MRS Research Group analysis Report, by the end of 2017, The Global Commercial Service Companies in 2017 – 2022 is the cornerstone of the global development aspects and prospects, as the development of specific concept requires various technologically supported ideas, theories, methodologies. The Global Commercial Service Companies in 2017 – 2022 report explains the in-depth summary of current innovations, parameter, specifications, and creation. The Global Commercial Service Companies in 2017 – 2022 also delivers a full abstract of the economic ups and downs in terms of demand rate and fulfillment ratios.

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According to the survey, cloud computing service was the most popularized service, which indicated cloud computing is positing as the infrastructure of modern business. On the other hand, store decoration, picture processing, and industry analysis service are the top five popularized services.

According to National Bureau of Statistics, the tax revenue of service industry raised 12%, which is 2.2% higher than the national average tax revenue level. At the first quarter of 2015, commercial services industry business revenue has 10.7% growth; car leasing and advertising industry have the revenue growth 17.3% and 11.9% respectively.

There are 27 listed companies in commercial service industry in China; the 27 listed companies have made over RMB29 billion in revenue and the total assets have reached over RMB92 billion. Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management Company is the one with the largest total asset, and Xiamen Xiangyu Company has made most revenue among 27 listed companies in 2015.

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1)The Aim of this report

To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of Chinas commercial service industry;
To understand the development situation of commercial service industry in China;
Get more information of the major commercial service producers in China;
Gain insight into the major commercial service producers about operation;
To predict what future of China commercial service industry will be;
To reveal opportunities in China commercial service industry.

2)Benefit from the report

Financial performance in 2015 and YoY changes, including revenue, operating profit, net profit, revenue and gross profit margin from commercial service business;
Changes of revenue and net profit in the latest five years and the reasons;
Adjustment to business structure in the recent 2-3 years;
Development strategy and development trends in the near future.

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