Clue Now Tells Women What to Do On Missing a Birth Control Pill

Clue, which is a period-tracking app, help women to keep an eye on their menstrual cycle by enabling them to fill data such as the date of their period, flow, their sexual activity, about the health, and other such information. The notion behind getting such a detailed record is that Clue can provide women with a more comprehensive glance at their fertility and the influence of period on their day-to-day life.

Clue Now Tells Women What to Do On Missing a Birth Control Pill

And now, the company is all set to introduce a new feature, “Smart Pill Tracking,” to its app. This new feature will assist women to comprehend how a birth control pill can influence their cycle. It asks women let know the app if they have taken a pill for that particular day, or more particularly, if it was completely missed, taken late, or doubled as they had earlier skipped a day.

Perhaps, more prominently, the app can also elucidate how the pill doses can affect their fertility. If a woman misses to take a pill, for instance, there are elevated chances for her to get pregnant. The users need to tell the app on a daily basis if they have taken a pill, and if they do not mark “taken,” it will display some recommendation on what should be done further.

Ida Tin, the founder, said, “The ultimate goal of Clue is to assist the individual in better comprehending their bodies by giving them a scientifically precise, simple to comprehend data. The Clue app is not a type of contraception, and as the pill is the most commonly utilized way of birth control, we considered it extremely significant to provide our users an aspect that not only assists them to track their use, and also provides unbiased and instant suggestion on what should be done if a pill is taken late or missed.”

The app also has an alarm that reminds the users to have their pill. This can be useful but not foolproof. At times, a woman misses to take a pill not because she forgets but because she does not have a pill with her or some other reason.

So, now you know what should be done if you forget to take a pill?

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