Google Maps to Help You Locate Toilets

If you are new to an area or have lost your track while travelling, we always use Google Maps. The famous service of Google for directing road and understanding maps is available on Android and various other platforms. Google Maps is the app that does this all. And now, Google Maps will be utilized for a different purpose in India.

The government has set a focused team on introducing the “Toilet Locator” proposal by October 2, 2017 across 85 cities. Below this initiative, individuals having smartphones can download an app and simply click Google Maps on their smartphones to trace a nearby public toilet.

Google Maps to Help You Locate Toilets

A number of cities are present in this initiative named “Mission Toilet Locator”. The app will be launched in all these cities including Ajmer, Agra, Bhilai Nagar, Ahmedabad, Dhanbad, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Greater Mumbai, Jammu, Jaipur, Vijaywada, Kochi, and Greater Bengaluru.

The Ministry of Urban Development has recommended that municipal bodies can employ Quality Council of India (QCI) for plotting all community and public toilets. “QCI shall be accountable for stipulations of the communication and information technology platform. In addition to this, services related to help desk permit collection of information on community and public toilets in the city,” the Ministry has claimed in an official statement to media.

The program was first rolled out in the National Capital Region, that is, Delhi and its 4 suburbs in December 2016. It has been learnt that a standard of about 50–60 people utilize the toilet locator app every day in the National Capital Region and give a rating to the condition of these toilets. A total of 5,162 toilets have been located across these cities.

Sources said that currently the Ministry is preparing to initiate a prize scheme to encourage consumers to give their advice and rating to the toilets in its offer to popularize the app. “The method to rate the form of toilets has been rolled out so that the agency, which is responsible for these toilets, can be made aware to take remedial measures. Introducing the initiative across various cities will be a huge step,” said a source.

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