Fear The Amazon Because…

In today’s era, the “Frightful Five” companies that we know are Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Among these companies, Amazon is the firm that you should fear for. Why? Let’s have a look.

Amazon’s shocking $13.7 Billion latest acquirement is the newest instance. We already are aware of Amazon had potential to break into the grocery commerce via the futuristic cashier-free convenience stores and the Amazon Fresh delivery service, but this is an entire another level, a slight troll that the online commerce major can sneak its way back into the material world and take over a well-known range of supermarkets.

But let’s speak of everything else that the company has its hold on and how it carries on gripping greater impact over:

Fear The Amazon Because…

Cloud computing

Amazon Web Services fuels most of the websites and apps you use each day.

Artificial intelligence

Amazon has speedily turned out to be a leader in artificial intelligence; thanks to its personal digital assistant Alexa, which has unlaced a new world of voice-fueled computing.


Via Amazon Air, the company devices to utilize its own planes and drones to deliver products. It is also testing with autonomous trucking. Many have guessed that someday the company will not require relying on FedEX, UPS, or the Postal Service to give stuff.


As per a media report, the company is considering about making an entry into the prescription drug industry.

Retail and e-commerce

This one is self-descriptive and does not need our explanation to make you understand.

There is more. The company’s impact expands to other sectors in a roundabout way via CEO Jeff Bezos’ individual investments:

News media

Bezos possesses “The Washington Post” and a tiny share of “Business Insider.”

Outer space

Bezos possesses Blue Origin, a rocket company, which is generating reusable rockets.

With all these investments and influence in all the above sectors, it is Amazon and none other company that should be feared for. The company has the capability of overcoming its rivals and dominating the world in the coming future. So if you need to choose a career, it will be better if you have Amazon as your dream company.

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