Google Play Music Update Is Crashing For Some Android Users

Google Play Music is a commonly used app by the Android users all across the globe. The app makes it very simple for the users to download or listen to the songs online. In order to keep up with new software, systems, and inbuilt features, Google is always on a hunt for new apps or constantly updating the older version.

Google Play Music Update Is Crashing For Some Android Users

Recently, it has updated the Google Play Music app to a 7.9.4920 version. And people have already started downloading it. But hang on! The search giant has advised everyone to not update their app as there is a slight issue with it. After the Android users download the app and try opening it, the app crashes immediately.

This new version 7.9.4920 of Google Play Music crashes immediately even before loading and it has been experienced not only by users but also by the search giant officials itself. This is not a universal issue but a problem that is being faced by some Android versions or certain devices. The incident has put the app into the negative books of people and the negative reviews about the app have filled up the comment section.

For enjoying the music and getting rid of the new version, uninstall the new version and reload the older version from APK Mirror. For recent Android smartphone purchasers, the app comes already installed hence all that the users have to do is uninstall or disable it first and then install the new version after disabling all the auto-updates using a shared link.

Earlier, Google Play Music had all its subscribers enabled to a 4-month free subscription along with an option of scanning up to 50000 songs present in the music library. However, the free subscription was offered only for a limited period of time, which was just 3 Months.

Google is currently looking into the matter and trying to fix the problem. The time that the search giant will take is not answerable. Thus, for now, the app stays non-functional and the users have to hang onto the previous version. Let’s hope the solution to the app’s constant crashing is found soon.

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