Google to Start Receiving Norwegian Wind Energy by September

Alphabet’s Google, the major tech giant, anticipates receiving its first wind energy by early September from Norway, the company said to the media this week. A 50-turbine sturdy wind farm with a capacity of 160-megawatt (MW) that is presently under construction, Tellenes wind farm, will become the biggest wind farm of Google in Europe and the largest wind farm in Norway.

Google to Start Receiving Norwegian Wind Energy by September

“We will buy power the moment the wind farm becomes completely functional, which we anticipate will occur in early weeks of September 2017,” a Google spokesperson told the media. Google in 2016 made a 12-year contract to purchase 100% of the output of the plant. The firm, which has 4 European information centers in Finland, Belgium, Ireland, and the Netherlands claimed that the wind energy will be utilized to provide energy for one or many of them.

The first turbine of Tellenes wind farm will commence to make energy by next week, claimed a spokesperson for farm maker Zephyr, Olav Rommetveit, even though Google will not be given the original output. “Google will not right away get the power supply. It has an elite deal for 12 Years and they will commence receiving the power at some point before commercial operations starts,” claimed Rommetveit to the media.

The electricity generated, until Google commences getting the full capacity of the farm, will be put up for sale on the Nord Pool energy exchange, he further added. BlackRock, which offered the equity financing of the project, established that the first turbine might be ready for manufacture next week and said power trades would commence a few days post the manufacture. A Swedish wind energy firm, Arise, will be the operator of the farm.

Google has also paid money for the future outcome of a minor wind farm in Sweden, which is due to commence its operation in 2018, bringing the overall capacity of its renewable energy purchases to 500 MW in Europe, the company claimed to the media.

Well, Google has done its part in helping the environment by shifting on renewable sources of energy. Now we hope that other companies too make this shift.

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