Uber and Amazon to Arrive On UPI Soon

Amazon and Uber will be the new global players to accept the Unified Payment Interface (UPI). In addition to this, the worldwide cab-hailing firm is anticipated to become active this month via incorporation with the BHIM app, as per the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). NPCI is also ready to roll out UPI partnerships with multiple banks for international players such as WhatsApp and Google soon.

Uber will roll out UPI in couple of weeks where it will provide UPI via BHIM, claims AP Hota, CEO of NPCI. “Since almost more than half of the cab drivers still get paid by users in cash. UPI payments will assist drivers of Uber make their payments using UPI to Uber,” Hota claimed to the media in a conference meeting held in Bengaluru. Uber’s chief competitor in the Indian industry, Ola had incorporated UPI this year in April.

Uber and Amazon to Arrive On UPI Soon

Amazon is also talking about the roll out of UPI with handful of banks. Hota claimed that the worldwide e-commerce firm will not be designing its own application, but will utilize a pay button on its portal for UPI. The testing procedure is still in progress, he stated. Google is also ready to roll out UPI transactions in the coming 2 to 3 Months, with the testing phase almost completed for the integration. The NPCI has posted to the RBI last month for sanction, said Hota. “RBI will look at security features prior to giving authorization. We anticipate Google to roll out UPI within the coming 2 to 3 Months,” he further added.

“Google is designing an individual India-focused application, which it will name separately, in amalgamation with a bank,” Hota claimed. In May, Google was analyzing UPI on its platform. An Uber spokesperson claimed that the firm was presently calculating the possibilities around a complete UPI integration and carrying on to work with the applicable shareholders. “As an initial measure, we will look at providing our users the choice to utilize their current UPI IDs for their Uber rides to pay,” the company claimed.

Google claimed that the firm was seeking methods to make it simple for individuals to pay with their mobile gadgets.

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