Facebook To Include 20,000 Business people From India

Facebook aims to include 20,000 business people from 100 cities in the next 6 Months in India. This will be done as piece of the companies “Boost Your Business” program to assist the entrepreneurs expand their businesses. This information was given by its top executive to the media in an interview this week.

The social network major has partnered with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) located in Gandhinagar to educate people to attain the goal.

Facebook To Include 20,000 Business people From India

The proposal was rolled out this week by Vijay Rupani, the Chief Minister, at EDII.

“Our ‘Boost Your Business’ proposal was rolled out in 2015, but with EDII, we plan to depart to 100 cities and 20 states in the coming 6 Months in its first stage, growing 5 times than what we have attained so far,” claimed Head Of Programs for South Asia, Ritesh Mehta.

Mehta claimed that besides EDII, the company will also carry on to take up other proposals to link people via Facebook to assist them do big business.

“The program is developed to equip medium and small businesses with the skill, knowledge, and technology to increase markets and stay innovative all over the world,” he said to the media in a statement.

Mehta claimed that the program is piece of public partnership policy of Facebook, and planned at returning back to the society.

“The businesses witness a quantifiable difference when linked with Facebook. Initially, the price of business drops down. The service is free of cost (communicating with your consumer is free, starting up a Facebook page is free, and reaching out to new users is free). Money that you invest on promoting can be invested on other things, such as scaling your business, enhancing your business, employing more people,” he said to the media in an interview.

“Secondly, it is fundamentally enabling you to reach to a lot more users. Facebook permits you to reach out to grow internationally and nationally,” he further added while talking to the media.

India has 201 Million active users on Facebook, with 95% of them having access to the platform through on the mobile.

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