Gamers Are Assisting Researchers to Find New Exoplanets

Fans of EVE Online, the multiplayer online video game, have the chance to add to astronomical real-life survey by assisting researchers find new exoplanets. This information was given by sources to the media this week.

Who would have the idea that players of EVE Online, a huge online multiplayer game set in space, had all scientists in the production? As a part of the Project Discovery, and in a group effort with most important universities, players can assist researchers in the chase for new exoplanets. Exoplanets are nothing but those planets situated remotely outside and far from our solar system.

Gamers Are Assisting Researchers to Find New Exoplanets

The publisher of the game, CCP Games, has grouped up with the University of Geneva, the University of Reykjavik, and Michel Mayor, who found the first ever exoplanet in the history. This data was provided by the same source having a deep knowledge of the matter.

The survey is based on crowd sourcing, with the participatory compilation of information utilizing a secondary movement provided to players inside the game. Players having interest to take part use a particular mini-game dubbed as Project Discovery. This mini-game is built into the latest upgrade of the game, as per the same source having a deep knowledge of the matter.

As element of its technical program, EVE Online will get real astronomical information such as calculating the brightness of far-away stars and luminosity readings. This data will be received from the CoRoT telescope, which was introduced at the end of 2006 into the cosmos. Players will then analyze, examine, and classify the received readings. Their information will be transferred to researchers at the University of Geneva who will additionally examine the results in order to perceive ordinary irregularities that might lead to new findings.

Players who take part in the mission will receive particular rewards in game to improve their experience of gaming, such as new plans, spaceship skins, and apparel for character. This is not the first time that players of EVE Online have assisted out with scientific study. A first stage witnessed gamers assist build a database in human cells of proteins as division of the Human Protein Atlas mission.

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