IPhone Users May Miss This Big Feature in Upcoming Android Phones

The year of 2017 has been the year of smartphones with dual rear cameras. In harmony with the current drift, Qualcomm has declared its new Image Signal Processors (ISPs). These ISPs are expected to come as a fraction of the forthcoming handset SoC. It comprises a high-resolution depth sensing and enhanced biometric authentication features.

IPhone Users May Miss This Big Feature in Upcoming Android Phones

Qualcomm claims that the enhancements are made to meet rising request of video and photo for a huge range of head mounted displays (HMD) and mobile devices. It also cited s that the camera modules and fresh ISPs will back new computer vision and enhanced image quality. This will use deep learning methods and make the procedure of image processing quicker.

The innovative ISPs arrive with a new architecture for camera, which will give power efficiency for the upcoming Snapdragon VR and Mobile Platforms. The ISPs comprise 3 modules namely passive depth sensing module, iris authentication module, and an active depth sensing module.

It has been cited that the infrared light will be used by the chipset for accurate face recognition and measuring depth. What may also be viewed are some enhancements in video stabilization, HDR Photos, and enhanced tracking of motion utilizing a VR headset. They are still to see how much enhancement will be there in the forthcoming flagship smartphones of Android.

On a similar note, it seems that the premature glimpse of the fresh ISPs can be viewed with the rumored Google Pixel 2 XL and the Pixel 2. Both handsets are claimed to come later this year and are rumored to arrive fueled by Snapdragon 836 processor of Qualcomm’s.

As per a report by the sources, upcoming flagships of Google will be fueled by Snapdragon 836 processor of Qualcomm. This processor will be fairly similar to the predecessor Snapdragon 835 but will have relatively higher GPU and CPU clock pace than 835. This indicates that the processor will be quite stronger and energy efficient than 835. On the other hand, the fresh chipset may also comprise new ISPs for enhanced experience of photography.

Well, for now we need to wait for the launch of the new Google handsets in order to witness the performance of new ISPs.


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