The $12 Billion Ownership-Reforms Plan of China Unicom Caught Up in Confusion

The $11.7 Billion ownership-reforms plan of China Unicom, the telecoms group, was billed as a sample case for stimulating state companies in China with private fund. The company last week stayed under a cloud with puzzlement about persisting the fundraising.

The state-possessed group last week had declared that it was lifting the capital through its Shanghai-listed division from over a number of sponsors, comprising tech majors such as Tencent Holdings, Alibaba Group, and Baidu. However since then, China Unicom has taken back the declaration of the raising the fund from the stock exchange in Shanghai. One sponsor referred by Unicom in the fundraising refused involvement in the deal and the stakes of its 2 listed units stay suspended.

The $12 Billion Ownership-Reforms Plan of China Unicom Caught Up in Confusion

“It is very, very strange,” claimed Head of Research at brokerage International, Hao Hong, to the media in an interview. He referred to the declaration of deal while making the statement. “Investors who were making an attempt to get into this share post the ownership reforms will be dissatisfied,” he further claimed. “At this level it is hard to guess about the reason for the pull out, but I believe that it is just a matter of time prior to they start sorting things out.” The fundraising of China Unicom is fraction of Beijing’s push for companies that are state-owned to be refreshed with private fund. China Unicom is amid the first slot of state-owned companies slated for combined-ownership improvements.

The deal indicates the largest fundraising in the region of Asia-Pacific since the market debut of the insurer in 2010, according to the media data. But the contract has turned out to be caught up in confusion. CRRC Corp. Ltd., the rail equipment maker, one of the 14 sponsors dubbed by China Unicom, refused making any deal. A China Unicom spokesperson in Hong Kong claimed that a completely-owned division of CRRC was the sponsor in the telecoms group. This division is not in the list of the listed firms.

CRRC refused to speak when contacted by the media. Shares in China Unicom’s Shanghai and Hong Kong listed divisions stayed suspended from selling even last week, contrary to anticipations that they will resume.

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