Facebook Starts Down Ranking Clickbait Videos, Links

News feed for your Facebook account will shortly turn out to be cleaner since the company has begun down ranking clickbait links and videos. These clickbait links and videos display a false play button. This will lead in consumers tapping on legitimate links and videos as an alternative of shady ones.

“Users need to see precise data on Facebook, and so do we. When users tap on a picture featuring a play button in their News Feed, they wait for a video to begin playing. Spammers frequently utilize false play buttons to trap users into tapping links to websites of low quality,” claimed Engineer at Facebook, Baraa Hamodi, to the media in an official newsroom website. “In the same way, these misleading spammers also utilize static pictures camouflaged as videos to ploy users into tapping on an experience of a low-quality website.”

Facebook Starts Down Ranking Clickbait Videos, Links

In order to restrict such fake posts, Facebook will be lowering the rank of the stories that sport static pictures camouflaged as videos and false video play buttons in News Feed in the next week. Also cited is that Facebook Page users who are depending on such measures may also see a drop in distribution.

This declaration by the social media major arrives on the heels of a huge revamp in the Android app of Facebook. Launched out a few days back, the company squeezed the Home Screen to bring better readability and enhance navigation. The firm has upgraded how comments on the posts should appear. People will now be allowed to effortlessly view which comments are direct answers to another user. The comments now seem analogous to thread of the Messenger chat as they are now viewed in a bubble as an alternative of being positioned amid two lines.

For simple readability, the firm has elevated the color contrast so that typography is more readable. For an easy read, the company has made bigger link previews. It has also updated Comment, Like, and Share buttons, making it easier and larger to click. One more change one may see is the latest circular profile pics in the news feed and in the comments area.

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