Our Team

Our Team

Michael Calore from San Francisco is a staff writer at EEE JOURNAL, covering the business beat. He has a master’s degree in science journalism and a bachelor’s in communication arts. He enjoys spending time with friends on weekends.

Contact: Michael@eeejournal.com

Davey Alba is a senior editor at EEE JOURNAL overseeing all consumer product coverage. She was previously an editor and general assignment reporter covering software, the social web, and Internet culture. Before joining EEE JOURNAL, Alba worked as a print designer, a music writer, a technical writer, and as a journalist in various industries.

Contact: Davey@eeejournal.com

Robbie Gonzalez manages and assigns news coverage on various topics. She also writes about culture, technology, and the intersection of the two. Before joining EEE JOURNAL she was the programming managing editor. She loves reading books in her leisure time.

Contact: Robbie@eeejournal.com

Emily Dreyfuss is a senior associate editor at EEE JOURNAL, where he oversees design coverage in print and online. Before joining EEE JOURNAL, he was a science editor and reporter. Dreyfuss holds bachelor’s degrees in biochemistry and molecular biophysics, molecular and cellular biology, and English.

Contact: Emily@eeejournal.com